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Learn About Us

Non-profit charity organization

Let's Make It Happen Together is a Non-Profit organization that provides positive alternatives for at-risk / high-risk youth and families in our communities. Our focus is in North Carolina, USA.
Our mission is to provide positive alternatives for at-risk / high risk youth and families in our communities that will assist in preventing poverty, hunger, crime and lack of social skills, but will increase the possibilities of high school graduation, college enrollment, gainful employment and a productive social life.

What We Do?

We Make a Difference Together

Covid Testing

Helping keep the community safer from Covid

Food Drives

Helping our community feed those who are hungry

Mentoring Camps

Helping our kids get the inspiration they need for their future

Free Haircuts

Helping our community look good

Youth Activities

Helping keep the kids off the street and into productive and fun activites

Inspiration Events

Helping the community stand up for injustice and fighting for our rights